FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 starts today, record participation in anniversary year

More than 3,000 companies from 86 countries exhibiting for the first time under one roof – Over 70,000 trade visitors from more than 130 countries expected – More than two billion tonnes of fruit and vegetables produced in 2016 ¬– Germany is official partner country -– The leading fresh produce trade fair celebrates its 25th anniversary

In its anniversary year, the leading industry event for the global fresh produce trade will attract some 3,100 exhibitors from 86 countries to Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2017.

Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH: “FRUIT LOGISTICA was launched in 1993 in response to an industry demand and has seen impressive development ever since. We started the first year with 100 exhibitors. In 2017, for the first time, the number of exhibitors will top the 3,000 mark. As a leading global trade fair, FRUIT LOGISTICA is a don’t-miss event for players across the entire value chain. Not only does the trade fair offer outstanding business opportunities, it has also gained a solid reputation as a platform for information and innovations.”

More than 70,000 buyers and trade visitors from over 130 countries will once again have an opportunity to benefit from the widest variety of international exhibitors ever assembled under one roof.

Official partner country: Germany

In the anniversary year, the host country is, for the first time, also the partner country. It’s a well-known fact that Germany represents the largest consumer market in Europe. But there is also a growing demand for fresh produce exported Germany. This is due in part to the rigorously controlled quality of German products and the reliability of the country’s trading partners. At the same time, new markets are being developed and bilateral trade is promoted with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Organised by the German Association of Fruit and Vegetable Growers (BVEO), the joint exhibition stand in Hall 20 serves as the first stop for trade visitors from all over the world who are interested in German companies. Other German producers and companies in the value chain are located in the other FRUIT LOGISTICA halls. (Link to Virtual Market Place®).

Fresh produce market figures (worldwide, EU, Germany)

According to the latest figures published by the Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbh (AMI) in Bonn, around 1.23 billion tonnes of vegetables (excl. melons) and some 800 million tonnes of fruit (incl. melons) were produced worldwide in 2016. Nearly 10% of global fruit production and almost 4% of global vegetable production was sold fresh in cross-border trade.

The EU fruit harvest in 2016 reached 38.2 million tonnes, 3% less than in the previous year. The EU vegetable harvest in 2016 is expected to reach roughly 63.5 million tonnes, representing a slight 1% increase compared to the previous year

According to estimates by the AMI and the Federal Statistical Office, Germany’s fruit harvest in 2016 totalled around 1.32 million tonnes, roughly equivalent to the previous year. This figure is significantly lower than the record set in 2014, when the harvest was 1.49 million tonnes. As indicated by the AMI, the market production of vegetables in 2016 rose by more than 2% in Germany to 3.5 million tonnes. This growth is mainly due to an increase in land under cultivation. As in the previous year however, the harvests were slightly below average.

Fruit and vegetable consumption by German private households in 2016

The average German private household purchased 160.4 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables in 2016 (88.7 kg of fresh fruit, 71.7 kg of fresh vegetables).

While the most popular fruit varieties in Germany are apples, bananas and oranges, the most popular vegetable varieties include tomatoes, carrots and onions.

While private households in Germany only slightly increased their spending on food and beverages by about 1%, the increase in fruit and vegetables (including potatoes) was just under 6%. “This means that fruit and vegetables once again belong to the most important categories in the retail trade”, says Helmut Hübsch, a consumer research specialist from the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK). In his view, the number of actual purchases deserves special attention. “Households purchase fruit and/or vegetables an average 86 times per year: 86 times in 52 calendar weeks means that households buy fruit, vegetables, or both more than once a week.

Well prepared for the future: the professional supporting programme

The supporting programme kicks off today with the new FRUITNET WORLD OF FRESH IDEAS, an event format that creates a multimedia experience and takes participants on an inspiring journey through the global value chain, and the FRUTIC Symposium, an international scientific conference. Staged for the first time in conjunction with FRUIT LOGISTICA, the symposium includes more than 50 scientific presentations and provides an ideal platform for sharing information between experts from the research community and the fresh produce sector. Four series of events taking place during the trade fair focus on current and future challenges in the industry. The Logistics Hub offers growers, exporters and retailers the information they need to reach the right logistical decisions for transporting their products. The FRUIT LOGISTICA Future Lab presents concepts that, in a few years, will enrich the fruit and vegetable sector with innovations aimed at significantly optimising the value chain. The Fresh Produce Forum focuses on the latest industry questions with viable answers provided by experts. The Tech Stage at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 focuses on the great importance of technical solutions for the industry.

An overview of all supporting programme events is available here.

Who will get the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2017?

“And the winner is …” The recipient of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA) will be announced in a special ceremony on 10 February 2017. Regarded as the most coveted innovation award in the fresh produce sector, the FLIA honours outstanding new products and services that add new drive to the industry. Ten candidates from numerous submissions have been selected by jury of experts. On the first two days of the fair, FRUIT LOGISTICA trade visitors will choose their favourites from the display in the passageway between Halls 20 and 21.

An overview of nominees for the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2017 is available here.

Strong participation from greek companies

Several export companies and cooperatives ftom Greece will participate in  FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Greek exhibitors will demonstrate their activities, occupying a total space of 182 square meters. Greek companies that will take place in this year’s exposition are the following:

Venus Growers

Α.S. Episkopis

A.S. Mesis

A.S.E.A. Artas

A.S.E.P.O.P. Naousa

A.S.O.P. Episkopis

E.A.S. Kavalas



You can find more information about FRUIT LOGISTICA here


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