New record in EU agri-food exports in September 2016

The monthly value of EU agri-food exports in September 2016 reached a record value of almost €11.5 billion exceeding the export values in September of previous years by about €500 million, according to the latest EU agri-food trade monthly report . The highest increases in monthly values (September 2016 compared to September 2015) were recorded for exports to the USA and Japan, with notable increases also seen to other Asian destinations (South Korea, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong)Analysing the EU export performance over the last 12 months per product category, export values increased in particular for pig meat (€+1.2 billion; +31% compared to export values in the 12-month period one year ago), fresh vegetables (€+480 million; +18%), meat offal, other meat and fat , olive oil, food preparations and live animals. However, exports of milk powders lost most in export values in the last 12 months.

With overall EU agri-food exports from October 2015 to September 2016 reaching €129.9 billion (+1.6% on the previous year) and imports rising 0.9% to €112 billion, the EU increased its net surplus to € 17.6 billion.

Commissioner Hogan in official visit to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia with EU agri-food producers

In the meantime, EU Commssioner Mr. Phil Hogan, visited (2-9 November) major asian markets, potential destinations for european agricultural products. Mr. Hogan was accompanied by a business delegation of European agri-food executives from 16 different Member States, including two participants from Greece (Vivartia Greece representatives). Aimed at promoting EU exports and finding new export markets, this is the third such mission which Commissioner Hogan has undertaken. You can see here the full list of participants that accompanied Mr. Hogan to Asia.

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