Copa – Cogeca: unemployment in EU will rise, if more crop protection products are removed from market

A new EU impact study published recently, reveals that if more crop protection products are removed from the market, quality food supplies will be put at risk and unemployment will rise, costing the economy billions of eurosThis study, carried out by the consultancy Steward Redqueen and based on information provided by our member organisations, looks at the cumulative impact in the EU of having a hazard based legislative approach for assessing crop protection products, instead of a risk based one.

Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen commented on the matter: “Many crop protection products are being steadily phased out, which is pressurizing not only European farmers livelihoods but also the environment, employment and the economy.Moreover, many of the substances identified in the report are still being used in non-EU countries,putting us at a complete competitive disadvantage, with no advantage to the European consumer”.

Explaining key findings of the report, Chairman of Copa & Cogeca Phytosanitary Questions Working Party Luc Peeters said “The study identifies 75 substances that risk being withdrawn  from the market. And it shows that it will impact on the whole EU arable crops sector with yield losses of up to 40% estimated for some commodities.This will erode farmers margins and cut farm profitability by as much as 40% resulting in total losses of 17 billion euros in terms of overall farm profitability, the study shows. The seven staple crops identified in the report -barley, wheat, rapeseed, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, grapes – correspond to 1.2 million jobs and 30% of these are identified to be at medium to high risk of being lost. 24 speciality crops are also included in the report which relates to 300, 000 jobs”.

You can read here the Executive Summary of Steward Redqueen’s study

For more information on the matter you can also find here the Andersons Centre’s report

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