Eurostat: Apples and tomatoes were the top fruit and vegetable produced in the EU in 2015

Greek and Italian apples dominate in Egypt

In the European Union (EU), just over 2.3 million hectares were devoted to the production of fruit and berries and a further 2.1 million hectares to the production of vegetables. With 636.000 hectares (or 27.1 % of the EU total) devoted to the production of fruit, Spain
was the leading EU Member State in terms of production area of fruit in 2015, while it was
Italy (420 000 hectares, or 20.2%) for vegetables. Greece had the 4th largest area with fruit crops (apples, peaches, cherries, strawberries) across EU and was ranked 3rd in peaches, 4th in tomato and cherry production.

Apples and cherries from Poland, peaches and strawberries from Spain

Poland harvested 1 in every 4 apples produced in the EU in 2015 (with 25.0% of total EU harvested production), ahead of Italy (19.2%) and France (15.5%). Spain (34.4%), Italy (32.9%) and Greece (23.2%) produced together almost all (90%) EU peaches. Spain (29.0%) was also the main EU producer of strawberries in 2015, followed by Poland (15.6%),Germany
(12.5%) and Italy (10.4%). For cherries, Poland was the main EU producer (25.8%), followed by Italy (12.6%),Spain (10.7%) and Greece (10.0%).

Tomatoes from Italy, cucumbers from Spain, carrots from the United Kingdom

Together,Italy (36.3% of total EU production) and Spain (27.4%) supplied in 2015 almost two
thirds of tomatoes produced in the EU. They were followed by Portugal (8.0%),Greece (6.2%), the Netherlands (5.0%), France and Poland (both 4.5%). Three Member States accounted also for around two-thirds of the cucumbers harvested in the EU in 2015:
Spain (29.1%), Poland (17.7%) and the Netherlands (17.1%). The production of carrots in the EU was more dispersed across Member States, with the top producers in 2015 being the
United Kingdom (14.2%), Poland (13.1%), the Netherlands (10.9%), France (10.8%), Italy (10.3%) and Germany (10.2%). As for courgettes, they were principally harvested in two Member States: Spain (37.6%) and Italy (37.1%).

You can read here more from Eurostat’s factsheet on fruit and vegetables production in 2015


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