Greece is considering to appeal to the EU court to defend greek yogurt

the case of greek yogurt made in czech republic

Greece is considering its options in order to prevent the Czech republic from producing greek yogurt. As the European Commission recently stated the term “greek yogurt” describes a method of production and not the origin of the product, allowing thus Czech republic to start the procedure of making greek yogurt. The greek ministry of agriculture hosted a wide conference on Thusday in order to discuss and consider further steps in an attempt to maintain the exclusivity of greek yogurt. The meeting took place on the initiative of Greek Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Evangelos Apostolou and there was a wide participation by reprsesentatives of the greek dairy industries, as well as members of the legal advisors of the hellenic (greek) republic. Agrotypos talked with Mr. Christos Apostolopoulos, President of the Greek Dairy Industries Association about the outcome of the discussions that were held.

“We discussed and reached  a consensus on some actions that are needed to be taken in order to protect greek yogurt: First of all we are going to reach the European Trade Commissioner in order to support our argument that there can’t be two or more countries, capable of producing greek yogurt. We believe that the previous statement made by the Commissioner on greek yogurt is against the european law.

Secondly, we’ll try to reach the czech republic before they initiate the legal procedure i in order to start the production of greek yogurt in their country.

In case those actions don’t bring any fruitful resuls, we will consider an option to appeal to the European Court against the Czech republic. I’m trying to remain optimistic but we all need to be confident and passionate about this if we want to succeed. I hope that the Greek goverment is ready to fight for something that is rightfully ours”, he concluded.

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