9th International Conference on Integrated Fruit Production

Photo by Didriks / CC BY 4.0

The 9th International Conference on Integrated Fruit Production in going to take place at Thessaloniki from 4th to 8th of September.

Below you can read the invitation of the conference:
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the IOBC/WPRS Working Groups “Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops”,
Subgroups “Soft fruits”, “Pome fruit arthropods”, “IFP Guidelines”, “Pome fruit diseases” and”Stone fruits” we like to inform you that registration and accommodation details
for the 9th International Conference on Integrated Fruit Production is now available in the current 2nd announcement as well as on the conference website:http://iobc-greece2016.com/
Equally you may already know, the conference takes place every 4 years and aims to bring
together the latest progresses in research of all subgroups involved in Integrated Fruit
We cordially invite you to come to Thessaloniki to present your research work, exchange
thoughts, start to develop collaborations, and contribute to the further evolution of research on whole aspects of Integrated Fruit Production and Pest Management.
Please fill out the final registration form and send it to the secretariat Miss Constantina

(constantina@globalevents.gr) and the local organizer Dr. Petros Damos (petrosdamos@gmail.com)

We are looking forward to welcoming you for a very constructive conference as easily as an
inspiring and join stay in Greece.
Dr. Petros Damos, Convener of the working Group Integrated Production of Stone Fruits and local organizer
Miss Constantina Pliatsika, Secretariat-Global Events
See the poster of the conference

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