European Commission: 10% average price drop in oranges since March 2015, major price drop in Italy and Greece

Α constant drop in oranges’ average price in the EU is apparent in the European Commission’s monthly dashboards . Since March 2015, price drop in Greece and Spain exceeded the average price drop of member states in the EU. While the average price of oranges in the EU dropped by 11% over the last year, price drop in Italy was 26% and almost 16% in Greece. On the other side, Spain achieved a price rise 5,6% compared to last year’s average prices. Orange tree is the most cultivated citrus fruit in the European Union. It is also the most imported citrus fruit in the EU

Price drop over the last year

According to the European Commision’s dashboards, average price of oranges in the EU was 0.49 euros/kg (-10% compared to the last year). This was a result of a major price drop in certain member states, such as Greece (-15%) and Italy (-26%) where, average prices were 0.38/kg and 0.60/kg euros respectively.

For the period 2012-2014 average price in oranges in the European Union was mostly stable and remained at 0,53 euros/ kg. Avarage prices for Spain and Italy were 0,45 and 0,75 respectively, while the average price of oranges in Greece during  the same period was 0,45 euros/kg.

Spain, Italy and Greece are the major citrus fruit producers

Spain was the major producer in citrus trees, with an annual production of
6.486.800 tonnes  (2014), followed by Italy (2.904.800 tonnes) and Greece (989.500 tonnes). Of the numbers above, Greek oranges occupy the biggest part of the country’s citrus fruit production,  while Spain and Italy’s orange production occupies 50% of the countries’ citrus fruit production.

Citrus tree production and imports in the EU

Last year’s production in the EU reached 6.200.000 tonnes, while 885.000 tonnes of oranges and 310.000 tonnes of lemons were imported respectively.


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