General Director of International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) in an exclusive interview at Agrotypos

For the news of international vine and wine sector spoke in an exclusive interview at Agrotypos, Jean Marie Aurand, the General Director of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). According to Mr. Jean Marie Aurand, world wine production is still increasing, while export value has reached EUR 26 billion. Concerning new plantations of vineyards, the area in Europe remains stable and there is an increase of plantations in Asia and particularly in China, which in 2014 took the second place in the world ranking of countries with the largest area of vineyards. Regarding the introduction of technology in viticulture, the Director General of OIV says that precision viticulture is spreading worldwide. In his statement for Greek winegrowers and winemakers, he outlines that they should produce products that meet consumer expectations.

How has the wine market been developed during the last years? Which are the main statistics of the wine sector (production, imports, exports etc)?

Wine has increasingly become an international good, with an expansion of the supply and demand. In 2015 world wine production is estimated at 275.5 Mhl, a slight increase over the previous year (+2%). Exchanges as well, are getting more and more globalized. Global wine exports continued to increase in volume to reach in 2014 104 Mhl (+3% compared with 2013), for a value of 26bn EUR. While 10 years ago 27% of the wine consumed was imported, today this market share is over 43%. Out of five bottles consumed in the world, two are imported.

Which are the main trends regarding the new plantations of vineyards in the world?

The total area under vines reached 7573 kha in 2014, a slight growth of 10 kha compared with 2013. Since the end of the grubbing measures in the European Union, European vineyards have remained stable while plantations in Asia and South America have slightly increased.

Is China going to become #1 country in acreage and wine production?

In 2014, China became the country with the second biggest vineyard surface area (almost 800 kha), but in terms of wine production it ranks 7th. Most of China’s vineyard area is used for cultivating table grapes…

Are there any innovative techniques that are used in vine cultivation?

Currently there are new cutting edge technologies applied to the vineyard and the precision viticulture concept is more frequently spread worldwide. Some technologies such as sensors for yield (harvest mapping); soil apparent electrical conductivity (ECa; for zoning studies); vegetation indices (mostly Normalised Difference Vegetation Index, NDVI), drones for pesticides applications using GPS guidance, etc. are some examples of used tools to improve the vineyard management nowadays.

How important is Greece for the global wine production and what do you suggest the Greek winegrowers and winemakers to do?

Greece has a significant wine production at around 2.6 Mhl. Greek wines are of an excellent quality and diversity, produced with indigenous grape varieties. In this globalized market, it is important to be competitive and so that winegrowers and winemakers meet the expectations of the consumers and citizens. The consumers demand for quality products, they want guarantees with regards health issues and food safety, and they are looking for products that respect the environment concerns.

International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) is an intergovernmental scientific and technical organisation active in the sector of vine, wine, wine-based drinks, table grapes, raisins and other vine products. Its has 46 Member States that account for more than 85% of global wine production and nearly 80% of world consumption. Greece is a Member State of OIV.

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