Olive oil in Brazil

Brazil is the fourth largest importer of olive oil in the world. It is notable that Brazilians use the olive oil only for their own consumption as they do not resell it to other countries. In 2015, because of the economic crisis and the significant devaluation of the “real” against the “US dollar” and the “euro”, the country’s olive oil imports fell by 23.2%. Chile, Turkey, Argentina and Greece recorded higher losses in olive oil exports to Brazil than the average, while only Tunisia’s exports increased because of the lowest price per kilo. On the other hand the top olive oil exporting countries in Brazil are Portugal (57%) and Spain (21%).

 Olive oil market of Brazil

Leader of the olive oil market in the country is Gallo (Portuguese origin by US company Cargill Inc.) with retail prices between 19 and 55 reais for 500 ml, depending on the type and point of sale. The second most popular brand is also the Portuguese Andorinha (Grupo Sovena) with retail prices around 27 reais for 500ml. Next in line come the Spanish Borges (Grupo Borges, 15 reais), Carbonell (Deoelo company 15 reais) and Ybarra (Grupo Ybarra, 20 reais).

There are also many other products such as Herdade do Esporão, Portucale Gourmet, Figueira da Foz, Serrata, Verdeal, Oliveira da Serra, Vilaflor, Don Antonio (Portugal), Andaluzia and Hacienda Guzman (Spain), La Española (from Spain – the company Cargill), San Guiliano, Colavita, De Cecco, Cremonini, Olitalia, Primifrutti (Italy) Vorgel (Chile), Terra Delyssa (Tunisia) etc.

Greek olive oil are available in the Brazilian market from the companies Agrovim, Amalthea, Bros Antonaki, Bros Damoura, Bio Cretan Olive Oil, Gaea, Hellenic Fine Oils, Olive Press, Minerva, Moria Elea, Olive Vision, Renieris, Siouras, Synergatiki, Terra Creta and Tsantalis and others.

Regarding private label products are mentioned the Qualitá of Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição and Carrefour, with Portuguese, Spainish or Italian origin and price about 19 reais for 500 ml.

 Olive oil packaging

Glass bottle of 500 ml is the most common package of virgin olive oil in Brazil. During the last year the aesthetic upgrade of olive oil packaging compared with the traditional ones is evident.


The import duty rate for importing Olive oil into Brazil is charged with the following:

  • – Import duty 10%
  • – Contribution to the Social Integration Program (PIS) and Social contribution for social security financing (COFINS) 11,75%
  • – Merchant Marine Levy (AFF) 25%
  • – Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) is generally 18% but it could be different depending on the state.

Necessary documents to export olive oil to Brazil

In order to export olive oil to Brazil the following documents in Portuguese, Spanish or English are required:

  • – Proforma (Fatura Proforma)
  • – Commercial Invoice (Fatura Comercial)
  • – Packing List (Romaneio de Embarque)
  • – Certificate of Origin (Certificado de Origem) which is not always necessary. Exporters should consult with their importer if Certificate of Origin will be needed and if it is necessary, they should present the original.
  • – Bill of Lading (Conhecimento de Embarque)
  • – Insurance certificate (Certificado de Seguro). The insurance company of the importer or exporter undertakes to issue it and assume the corresponding cost.
  • – Chemical analysis certificate for the classification of olive oils and olive residue by laboratories recognized by the International olive Council (IOC).


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