Organic and toxic free tobacco by the co-operative Union of Tobacco producers in Greece

organic tobacco seke

One of the basic concerns in tobacco growing, in the promotion and in the overall industry, is the health of the smoker. Given that, new agronomic techniques are needed that allow the production of better quality tobacco, exempted from any toxic agrochemical remains. In line with this, the co-operative Union of Tobacco producers in Greece (SEKE SA) is the first tobacco company that initiated organic tobacco production in Greece. Moreover, SEKE continues to expand production to cover the demand of organic Basma as well.

In order to produce organic and toxic free tobacco it is provided that many aspects of the traditional techniques need to be improved, and the traditional plant-protection preparations that are used must be replaced from more environmentally friendly and non-toxic substances. SEKE follows these measures and is officially supervised by the controlling organism of certification, so by this way the absence of toxic remains in the final product is ensured. Besides, in the last years SEKE continues to implement high quality standards with new investments in order to reinforce its presence in the international tobacco market.

SEKE SA at a glance

SEKE SA was founded 68 years ago, in 1947, and was established as one of the most recognisable industries for tobacco processing, worldwide. It is a modern and dynamic company, which combines in the most successful way the rich heritage and experience in the tobacco sector with innovative initiatives and modern business values and practices. The company has large tobacco stocking places which reach the capacity of 25,000 tonnes in its privately-owned plants in Thessaloniki and Xanthi (north Greece), as well as the most modern and up-to-date equipments for processing and maintenance of all tobacco types (Eastern and Foreign). It uses the latest technology and equipment for processing oriental tobacco. SEKE’s strategic geographical location facilitated its expansion in the Balkans with two subsidiaries in FYROM and Bulgaria. SEKE has also fully implemented international standards for environmental and social responsible programs.

SEKE’s products

SEKE is a reliable supplier dealing in high-quality tobaccos with customers including the most recognizable international cigarette companies and exports to more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa. It provides 6 tobacco varieties of excellent quality, which are:

The Basma is a Greek high quality Oriental tobacco variety of medium/high nicotine and medium sugar that is traditionally cultivated in Thrace and Macedonia (north Greece). It is considered as one of the finest tobacco in the world, which is included by tobacco industries to add aroma and flavor.

The Katerini another Greek Oriental tobacco variety of medium nicotine and high suger, which is used in American Blend cigarettes and in modified Virginia Blend adding characteristic flavor as well as aroma.

The Virginia type that is grown in many countries all over the world, the Burley, the Prilep and the Krumovgrad.

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