Greek kiwis were given the green light to be exported to India

Greek kiwi exported to India

After four years of efforts and bilateral negotiations, the Greek kiwi can be exported to India. The Indian authorities indicated that there is the possibility of kiwi trial shipment under cold treatment. They want to demonstrate this method’s effectiveness so it could join in the country’s official phytosanitary requirements. The General Director of the Greek Embassy in New Delhi, Mr. Andreas Karaiskakis, stated to Agrotypos, “A persistent effort started four years ago to gain this approval. Finally the decision that enables exporting Greek kiwis to India, under certain conditions, was signed”.

Mr. Karaiskakis also added: “The first condition is the kiwi treatment with methyl bromide, although this is prohibited in our country because this substance has been banned in the EU. However, there is also the option of «cold treatment». This process ensures for the maintenance of the products, in our case fresh kiwis, at certain temperature for a certain period of time to be kept insect free and be distributed in good condition in the Indian market. During the negotiations the Indian side requested the process of cold treatment to be done before kiwi loading. The Greek side requested an after loading treatment (during the trip on the ship) as happens with kiwifruit exported to other countries. Eventually the Greek request was accepted in a first stage and the Indian government gave the «green light» for a pilot phase to determine whether the Greek side knows to do this process correctly. I am sure that Greek exporters can properly apply this method as already do with exported kiwis to the US and China. When the first shipment reaches India it would be certified whether correct deworming has taken place and since the load would be aproved then the temporary authorization will become permanent. The kiwi has very good prospects, because already India supplies kiwis from New Zealand and Italy, although imported fruits have higher prices than domestic due to the duties”.

Greek exporters mentioned to Agrotypos “the approval of the exporting Greek kiwi was published the fourth month of 2015 to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and needed ratification by the publication in the newspaper of the India Government (GAZETTE OF INDIA). This happened on September 15, 2015.

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