Greek and Italian apples dominate in Egypt

Greek and Italian apples dominate in Egypt

The Italian and Greek apples are dominating in the Egyptian market. According to data given by Egypt for the first 7 months of 2015, apples exported from Italy worth 93.8 million euros, covering 48.26% share of the Egyptian market, while for the same period from Greece the value of exported apples was 19 million euros, covering 9.8% share of the Egyptian market.

Generally, the total apple imports of Egypt for 2015 is expected to show a slight decline compared to 2014. The varieties imported to Egypt are mainly Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Royal Gala, while from Greece mainly the Red Delicious is imported.

Greece, while in 2009 was absent in the Egyptian apple market, in 2014 climbed to second place, with a market share approaching 19%. AgroTypos talked with Egyptian importers of Greek apples who mentioned their continuing interest for new arrivals, despite the existing difficulties in agreements between the Greek and Egyptian companies.

Agrotypos also contacted the Greek embassy in Cairo and the representatives noted as Egypt does not produce apples, has increased demand for imports, due to the impressive increase of apple consumption in the country. Moreover, the non-existence of import duties under the EU – Egypt Association Agreement makes European apples competitive compared to those of third countries.

COUNTRY First 7 months of 2015






ITALY 7,425,782 93,809,606 48.26
SYRIA 647,526 32,280,942 16.61
GREECE 589,084 19,055,493 9.8
LEBANON 107,468 16,819,464 8.65
POLAND 659,137 12,374,114 6.37
AUSTRIA 110,009 5,598,615 2.88
FRANCE 170,997 3,917,955 2.02
GERMANY 274,668 2,571,155 1.32
BELGIUM 20,188 1,902,259 0.98
CZECH REPUBLIC 955 1,412,940 0.73
CROATIA 737 1,035,816 0.53
HUNGARY 39,366 864,350 0.4
USA 82,008 732,069 0.38
TURKEY 63,016 425,327
TOTAL 10,378,413 192,800,105 100

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