And yet there is Greek peanut butter. It is organic and produced in northern Greece

there is Greek peanut butter. It is organic and produced in northern Greece

When we refer to peanut butter, usually we travel with our mind … to America. However, this delicious product from peanuts in shells, the last three or so years, is being produced in Greece and indeed organic. The agronomist and organic producer from Alexandroupoli, Mr. Kyriazis Kyriazidis, had the idea and then other members of his family were involved in the project. Today the produced in Alexandroupoli organic peanut butter, is sold primarily in the family cafe called the “Disaki” (means the saddlebag) held by Mr.Kyriazidis nephews, Kyriaki and Marinos.

The cultivation of Kyriazidi’s family is still of small-scale, but the family has many expansion plans for the future. The produced peanut butter except for the “Disaki” is being distributed in organic food stores and product exhibitions in various different versions such as: in two classic, smooth and crunchy, with chocolate, with olive oil and honey (a family patent), and a 100% natural flavor, which is pure pistachio paste free of salt or sugar.

Agrotypos in order to know (and also taste) this product and to learn about organic farming peanuts (with self-produced seed variety “Orpheus”) visited the “Disaki” and talked with Kyriaki and Marinos.

“In Athens we are essentially as representatives. It is about a small family business created by the agronomist Kyriazis Kyriazidis. However, the family for many years is engaged in organic farming (wheat, alfalfa, vetch, etc.). Regarding the organic peanut, the first crop was two years ago of 28 acres area. The second year another field was cultivated. At this time the crop is about 50 acres and new production starts in early October” they explained.

They added: “processing was also an idea of Kyriazis. Then his daughter Helen edited the idea and something like that the peanut butter was produced. The largest part of the production is being distributed by us, but there is also a representative in Thessaloniki. Sales of the peanut butter go well (we sell the entire production, which last year exceeded 10 pallets, ie 1,000 boxes). Basically we deal with it as if it was a hobby with love and joy”.

In our question about the production process Marinos and Kyriaki described: “The first year harvesting and cleaning was done by hand, while the second year we bought a specialized machine. Everything is done step by step. Peanuts without or with the shell are roasted according to the recipe and then pulped. Today we produce five codes. For now the processing and packaging is done in a workshop that cooperates with the family. Our next goal is the creation of our own workshop. It is, however, for an investment of over 100,000 euros, so as anyone could understand it is difficult in Greece with current economic conditions to do something like that.

They concluded: “This product is unusual in Greece. We promote it by participating in various exhibitions or tastings in Greece. Those who already know it, they much like the flavors we produce. We are looking for customers interested in delicatessen. We also have some stores in various areas of Athens and elsewhere in Greece and the feedback and response we have received has been really positive!”.

One thought on “And yet there is Greek peanut butter. It is organic and produced in northern Greece

  1. On a recent holiday in Rethymno, Crete we had the absolute pleasure of purchasing and consuming this wonderfully delicious organic peanut butter !!

    Wishing we could purchase it online !

    Thank You , Lisa Vaughn


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