Land and Soil Management Award 2015/16 for good agriculture and environmental conditions


Sustainable land and soil management is central to improve our food systems, maintain a healthy environment and ensure European rural development. According to European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) soils are part of Europe’s greatest treasures, thus, it is important to promote and reward practices, which contribute to their protection. In line with that, ELO organizes Land and Soil Management Award 2015/16 and invites farmers, landowners, land managers, groups of farmers, on their own or in collaboration with research institutes, universities and/or private companies to participate.

About the Award

The prize rewards land use and soil management practices mitigating soil threats such as soil degradation, erosion, reduction of organic matter content, diffuse contamination, and compaction as well as the reduction of soil biodiversity, salinization, sealing, flooding and landslides. In this way, the award sheds light on outstanding achievements, encouraging new concepts of land and soil protection and their implementation in land management, as well as enhancing awareness about the importance of land and soil functions.

Why to apply?

Except for the 5.000 € as well as a diploma of recognition that are awarded to the winning project every year, it is important to apply in order to share your success and to showcase the great value of the farmer’s work, by promoting the winning project as a good practice at the EU level. Also, to enhance the visibility of such ways of farming at the local, national as well as European scale and to encourage others to further develop their work in a sustainable path.

How to apply?

In order to apply you could fill out the application form and send it back to the Award Coordinator by email or by post before the application deadline that is on 31 of December 2015.

Here you could find more information and the application form

For even more information you could contact with Mrs. Julianna Nagy,

Award Coordinator, +32 2 234 30 00

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