Greek fruit and vegetables exported to Dubai

Greek fruit and vegetables exported to Dubai

Mr. Dimitris Kavvadas, the President of Horticultural Cooperative in Preveza (central Greece), talks to Agrotypos about their cooperation with the Zhumino International company, concerning the export of Greek fruit and vegetables. The company is based in Dubai and does business in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and South Africa, while recently has commenced cooperation with Greece. Actually a subsidiary company was created in the city of Larissa (Thessaly Region also in central Greece) under the name Zhumino Hellas with the clear mandate from the “parent” company to seek partnerships with Cooperatives and Producer Groups in order to export their products to the United Arab Emirates.

The first agreement was concluded with the Producer Group of Preveza, which in late May delivered the first load of table tomatoes and so far it has sent to Dubai about 100 tonnes.

Mr. Kavvadas how did you achieve the first contact for collaboration with Zhumino International company?

The President of Zhumino International company visited Greece and contacted us. Sampling of our products was conducted and we agreed to send an amount in the United Arab Emirates. We eventually sent about 100 tonnes of tomatoes and our contacts continue for further cooperation. We talk almost every day with representatives of the company. Our desire is to integrate other products except for tomatoes. We have already sent samples and we expect the answers.

What other products would you like to include in your export?

The company representatives are interested in herbs, watermelons, eggplants, cabbage, broccoli etc. which they saw up close and liked a lot. The problem is that we are often more expensive than other suppliers of that company. For example they import tomatoes from Malaysia, although they like ours a lot. We also should adapt varieties that withstand more because it is about a long transfer, lasting 16 days for transport through the port of Piraeus.

Could you cover the needs for quantity of such a company?

Our production is satisfying but in order to fulfill more export needs we are thinking to collaborate with other Cooperatives in the region. We also believe that we should face Greece as a “huge Cooperative” in case we want to achieve cooperations like that.

Under what conditions does the agreement for exports take place? Are the prices preset?

According to our discussions so far, our cooperation will be based on contract. We will produce some products that their delivery should be occured at a predetermined time, while their price would be fixed per month.

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