Signing of agreements between Greece and China for Greek exports of grapes, plums, cherries and oranges

agreements for greek exports china

After a concerted effort, the Greek Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy sent via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Commercial Attaché Office in Beijing) to the Competent Chinese Authority AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) the technical files relating to the initiation of procedures for export of four Greek fruit species to China. These fruits are grapes, plums, cherries and oranges. On that occasion AgroTypos contacted Mr. Daskalopoulos, the Commercial Attaché of Greek embassy in Beijing.

Mr. Daskalopoulos, when is the Bilateral Agreement expected to be completed?

The folders with full details have already been submitted by the Greek Ministry to the Chinese Authorities, so the Agreement is on the way to being completed. We hope to conclude as soon as possible because of the problems raised in our country both due to the economic crisis and the Russian embargo. I appreciate that the process of Bilateral Agreement for the issuance of a phytosanitary certificate would be completed in a year. Of course we will try to shorten this period of time. I have to mention that there are also many requests from other countries which want to export their fruit and vegetables to China. As soon as the procedures are completed, except for the kiwis which have been successfully exported to China since 2012, Chinese market would also be opened to grapes, plums, cherries and oranges.

Is there any Chinese interest in fruit consumption?

There is strong interest from Chinese wholesalers, supporting that these fruits would have good performance in their domestic market. The fruit consumption recently is continuously increased in China. This is due to the increased income, so people in urban centers can afford these products and increasingly consume them. There is huge margin for exports to China, that’s why we are trying to expedite the proceedings.

What should the parties make to engage in exports when the Bilateral Agreement would have been conducted?

Greek exporters who are interested should submit an application form to the Greek Ministry of Rural Development. Next a Chinese delegation would come to our country to control the premises of the applicants. Then those approved would be included into the special Registry of Exporters where all Greek certified exporters are. After that they would start exporting grapes, plums, cherries and oranges to China. In case in a next stage someone wants to export to China, then he ought to proceed an application to the Greek Ministry of Rural Development. The application would be forwarded to our office in Beijing where it would be promoted to be included into the special Registry without any extra control.

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