Greek Fertilizer market dries up

Greek Fertilizer market

In recent days market is hardly provided with fertilizer, as banking restrictions have “frozen” the imports of raw materials and finished products. As a result of this the enterprises depend solely on their few stocks. Market agents believe that if this peculiar “economic blockade” of the country continues for another week, the first shortages in nutrition products will make their appearance on the market.

At present, apart from the stock, the situation is being “saved” because of the sharp decline in sales, since the great mass of farmers can’t afford buying in cash, the only way in which the network is moving at this period.

The worrying fact is that all these happen in the middle of the production cycle for the majority of crops, which poses the serious danger of subfertility of the fields with what this implies for this year’s agricultural production.

The ominous backdrop formed, led the Association of Producers and Traders Fertilizer to intervene. A letter addressed to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Productive Reconstruction reflects the view of the market and requests to take action both for restoring banking normalcy and for the country’s staying in euro which, according to his words, “in no way can be compromised”.

“Until this moment we can not get in touch with any bank, so actually there is no process of transferring capital abroad”, Mr. John Vevelakis, the President of Dealers Association of Fertilizer Producers, said to Agrotypos. “An even more serious problem is that enterprises can’t accept payments since the vast majority of our customers do not have internet banking but checks for large amounts of money that can’t be receipted. This means that even if the above mechanism relaunches, there is no money to make imports. And if we do not make imports, we can’t satisfy the producers’ needs”.

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