Greece: The processing industry of agricultural products is threatened from the bank holiday and the capital control

Greece: The processing industry of agricultural products is threatened from the bank holiday

Photo by Tim Sackton / CC BY-SA 4.0

In the most critical period for the processing sector of the clingstone peach and industrial tomatoes -a few days before their harvest- the worst financial crisis that Greece has experienced in recent years takes place. The peach processing industry, which should have been prepared for operation, faces a situation of severe financial distress with closed banks and the capital control, while processors do not know whether they could absorb the entire year’s production.

The President of Greek Canners’ Association, Mr. Costas Apostolou points out to AgroTypos: “The function of the processing sector will be problematic and unpredictable, so we do not know whether we will manage to absorb the whole production or not. It is something completely different to plan under normal conditions, than under the current and uncertain conditions”.

In particular, Mr. Apostolou explained to Agrotypos: “First of all, for several days discussions with customers have been “frozen” and the situation has been intensifying from the last Monday (29 of June) onwards. This is not so simple because it is a difficult period, just before the harvest and the possibility of substitution of greek imports from other countries is there. This can lead to fewer contracts in the future. Another important problem has to do with the supply of operating materials etc., because most of suppliers require cash. Characteristic, I could mention that for the sugar we use -most of which is imported- we should make payment abroad. There are also problems with the staff payment. Despite the fact that companies paid the salaries, the employees can not make withdrawals above the limit of 60 euros per day which causes discomfort. Also, without the needed bank credit the operation of the factories does not exist”.

Industrial tomato

Representatives of manufacture sectro talked to Agrotypos about the problems on imports of required packaging materials for the standardization of industrial tomatoes, in case this stifling economic reality that puts the brakes on imports continues. Specifically the President of the industrial tomato processing company “D. Nomikos – Kopais”, Mr. Dimitrios Nomikos, mentioned to AgroTypos: “Τhe industry is affected as any other sector of industry and there are many problems. The first one concerns packaging materials which are entirety imported, so anyone who has not done in time imports would face a serious problem”
And he added: “But there is also a problem regarding the distrust of our buyers on our ability to produce and deliver. So another issue arises that is the cancelation of orders in case this situation continues “.
Finally Mr. D. Nomikos stresses that: “In the future if the banks could not support us, this may cause a problem with the producers payments who deliver their tomatoes to industries”.

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