Good prospect for European fruits and vegetables in Asia

European fruits and vegetables export in Asia

The Zhumino International LLC, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) import fruit and vegetables company, is the leading importers and distributors of fruit and vegetables in the UAE. Zhumino International LLC has a large network of subsidiaries in India, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia and recently in Greece.

The president of Zhumino International LLC, Mr. Syed Hafizullah said to Agrotypos for the Asian vegetables market “at this time a lot of interest is in India and the Philippines. Of course there are some bureaucratic problems (phytosanitary documents) on export from those countries, but the demand is high. In particular, India is interested in fruits and vegetables of high quality, so there are very good prospects for European products”.

Recently Greek tomato opens new trade route to the UAE, while there is also increased interest for other Greek fruit and vegetables. The commercial attaché at the Greek Embassy Mr. Michael Vrettakis, who is also responsible for the Greek Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs (ECA) in Dubai of UAE, stated to Agrotypos “after repeated and constant contacts between ECA and the Zhumino International LLC, the latter decided to proceed to the establishment of a subsidiary company in Larissa, called Zhumino Hellas. Zhumino Hellas bought fresh tomatoes from various cooperatives of our country, which then exported to the UAE”.

The first load of fresh tomatoes, weighing 21 tonnes, arrived in the central vegetable market of Dubai on June 23 of 2015, while four more similar loads are on the way. Mr. Michael Vrettakis attended the arrival of the first cargo, given that Greek tomatoes exported to the UAE for the first time and moreover in such a large amount.

Mr. Vrettakis mentioned “Zhumino Hellas wants to import Greek tomatoes throughout the year. During the contact process Greek producers and cooperatives showed to the company’s representatives great interest in export of their products. The trade in Dubai relies on personal contacts and the local suppliers should taste Greek products in order a trade agreement be achieved”.

According to Mr. Syed Hafizullah, the company’s purpose is to import from Greece at least two containers of tomato (of 20-21 tonnes each) on a weekly basis throughout the year, while with his partners they also promote the transportation of other Greek fresh fruit and vegetables such as watermelons, cantaloupes, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages etc.

The export of the first Greek tomato load took place last week and on Tuesday (30/6) two more cargoes were exported. Mr. Syed Hafizullah said to AgroTypos «next week we are going to see the consumers’ reaction. In my opinion, it will be very positive”.

Referring to the Greek economic crisis, Mr. Syed Hafizullah said that “agricultural production and trade can not be prevented by the economic crisis. Consumers always need to have agricultural products on their table. This is actually a very good time to make trade agreements with Greek producers in order to promote their exports”.

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