«Discovery wines» and «wine lovers» increase, two major global trends in the wine sector

Discovery wines lovers global trends in wine sector

In recent years the economic crisis has undoubtedly affected all sectors of the economy, not only in quantitative but also in qualitative level. In other words, the declined purchasing power had not only resulted in reduced sales of basic consumer goods (e.g. food products) but also in people’s choices for those products. Even the wine market could not escape this trend. According to people in the wine industry even in countries where sales did not decline, consumers turned to cheaper wines. On the other hand the category of higher quality (and expensive too) wines continues to be a very important market share. This happens probably because people belonging to this target group (of worldwide) have not been affected so much by the financial crisis. Rather they insist on their choices.

Moreover, two very important trends are being developed along with this category of quality – expensive wines. It is about «discovery wines» and «the wine lovers increase».

Discovery Wines

The term «discovery wines» means wines of limited production with special quality characteristics produced in different countries and they are not known to general public. According to winemaker Mr. Vassilis Papagiannakos (Winery Papagiannakos Markopoulo Mesogaias, Attica in Greece): “in this category Greece could have a very important role. Surely we should be at the same outlets where French, Italians and Spanish sell their products, but not in supermarkets. Greece should concentrate on markets where wines of quality are sold. We should aim to the uniqueness and authenticity of the Greek varieties. We have to “join” into the difficult category of high value products.

Mr. Papagiannakos added: ” This market may not represent a huge market, but we have the skills to be there. In case there is a serious effort and state support we would earn a good placement in this category.”

Wine lovers are increasing

Regarding the tendency to “increase wine lovers”, that is means increasing the number of people being involved, read, search (in this point it is associated with the discovery wines), travel etc. based on wine. ” Every day people despite their origin are “entering” into the magical world of wine. When someone visits a winery understands that wine is a product linked with culture. There is the culture that accompanies wine. Last week, for example, a group of Asian Indians visited our winery.”
Mr. Papagiannakos concluded: “Thanks to the training in recent years the trend in initiation into the world of wine, happens in Greece too. In Attica there is a myth of 3,500 years which should not remain unexploited when there are people willing to learn about it. More privy to this trend is the French, Italians and Spanish. Recently a great progress has been made by the Austrians.”

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