Portugal: fruit and vegetable exports aiming at the reduction of country’s debt

market news fruits and vegetables

Portugal aims to double the value of its fruit and vegetable exports by 2020. Mr. Laurent Armaos, the Head of the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Portugal in Athens in an interview to AgroTypos said “Portuguese exports of fresh vegetable have increased by almost 26% in recent years (from € 780 million in 2010 to € 983 million in 2013). In 2014, the fruit and vegetable production in Portugal and the exports respectively recorded a further development”. Regarding the destinations of exportable products, Mr. Armaos reported that “the majority of exports are going to countries in Europe, South America and Africa, given the strategic geographical position of Portugal and its advantage of convenient access to maritime transport”. The country in recent years invests considerably in the sector to increase production and improve the fruit and vegetable competitiveness. Mr. Laurent said to AgroTypos, “the climate in Portugal, mainly due to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, offering significant investment opportunities in the agricultural sector, particularly in the fruit and vegetable production. The dam of Alqueva, the largest artificial dam in Europe, located in the rural dynamically region of Alentejo, supplies water for 120 hectares (1,200 acres) of arable land.” According to the published data by the Portugal Fresh, the National Association of fruit, vegetables and flowers exporters, there is an increasing momentum of the country’s exports in the horticultural sector. As reported to Agrotypos by the President of Portugal Fresh, Mr. Manuel Evora: “Portuguese vegetables are being exported to 100 countries worldwide and most of the producers fully comply with all good agricultural practices. Portugal aims to double exports of fruits and vegetables by 2020 and reach a value of € 2 billion. The fruit and vegetable sector contributes € 2.5 billion annually to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the 40% of the country’s production is being exported.” Portugal was the honored country at this year’s International Fair Fruit Logistica in Berlin and had an impressive contribution (96 exhibitors in an area of 600 m2). Mr. Assuncao Cristas, the Portuguese Minister of Agriculture, said at Fruit Logistica that the exports in agricultural sector helped greatly to the reduction of the country’s deficit by € 1.2 billion between 2012 and 2014. Important role in increasing exports played the trade agreement signed in 2013 between Brazil and Portugal, which simplifies and accelerates the country’s fruit and vegetable exports to Brazil.

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