Greek horticultural products: High demand during Easter and reduced produce bring better prices to the producers

vegetables prices

May the greenhouse vegetable crops have not been affected too much as the outdoor spring crops by the weather but the impact on production is important, according to AgroTypos reportage. Producers from Crete up to Preveza mentioned that humidity, the lack of sunlight and the presence of diseases, such as botrytis, resulted in reduced production. However, this period the prices range at a good level because of Easter higher demand. Note that the new production period of cucumbers and tomatoes has already been started, while in Crete the harvest of peppers and eggplants is in progress.


Mr. Antonis Paraskevopoulos, the Director of the Department of Rural Economy and Veterinary in Triphylia said, “the exports of excellent quality cucumbers are underway and about 900 tons were exported so far in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The production of most greenhouses is already under harvest that will last approximately till June. It is remarkable that a very large proportion of products are produced by applying Integrated Pest Management methods that reduce the inflow of pesticides, fungicides etc.”. Mr. George Alexandropoulos, the President of Filiatra Agricultural Association and cucumber producer added: “the production is reduced due to the cloudy weather, but prices are increased because of Easter and is about 80 cents a pair”.


Mr. Anthonis Zachariadakis, the President of Ierapetra’s Cooperative Association “East” referred to vegetable market of Crete and said, “at meantime all vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, are under harvest and have moderate prices. In particular, price for tomatoes ranges between 80-90 cents per kilo, for eggplants around 1.40 euro, for cucumber around 80 cents per kilo, while peppers are sold for 1.50 euros per kilo. It should be noted that our production of this year is reduced due to weather problems compared to previous years”. He added: “these days are in progress the last orders in view of Easter and the demand is moderate to good. Although this year we had problems with Russia market we extracted several products to Poland and the Czech Republic”. Mr. John Protogerakis from Tymbaki of Crete, a producer of tomato and cucumber and one of the users of the «totheshelf» application, who co-cultivates 12 acres with his father, referred that “these days because of Easter period the prices have been increased. The cucumbers range from 90 cents per kilo to 1.20 euros per kilo while tomatoes range from 70 to 98 cents per kilo. But we face a lot of problems with the weather, and our production is reduced”.


Mr. John Soldatos a greenhouse vegetable producer in Preveza talked about the situation in the vegetable market: “nowadays tomato production starts with good prices because of Easter (1 euro per kilo). Regarding the cucumber the price ranges around 50 cents a piece” and he added about the weather “may vegetable producers in Preveza not face problems, such as floods, but the very wet weather causes diseases, such as botrytis”.

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